The next PGCEE Summer School will take place on Friday 19th Aug – Sunday 21 Aug 2016

Put the date in your diary and keep checking this page for further information.

If you’re interested in reserving a place please contact the office on 01335 370 494.

Email: summerschool2016@atlowmill.org

The purpose of the summer school is to:

  • Firstly give students the opportunity to facilitate the emotional learning of others through putting on a course to the general public.
  • Secondly, it is also a fantastic way of applying the principles of emotional education into a real live project since students have to plan, market, work as a team and make decisions on leadership in their group

These tasks tend to be outcome focussed, working towards an end result or a ‘product’. They rely on working with the ‘head’ more than the ‘heart’. ‘Heart’ is more concerned with the ’process’ or how the group goes about achieving the task.  Most groups in working environments are not lacking in ‘head excellence’; usually people have the skills and competencies to achieve the outcome. However the task can get derailed in the process if the matters of the heart or emotional process are not attended to. This is more about the interpersonal dynamics that occur in getting on and achieving the task; the inter-personal relationships between leaders and followers, managers and workers.

Students have to work under some stress and pressure. They have finite resources, limited time to plan and organise, working with unpredictability and unknown situations. This is a real challenge with serious responsibilities and the potential for things to not go as planned or threaten to fall apart if individual members do not carry out what they have agreed to do. You might ask why we put students in this position. At the end of the experience the learning, growth and development of people is phenomenal. Here are some of the post grad students’ comments on the course this year:

The summer school was the part of the course I dreaded the most-such fear of rejection, humiliation, bad performance. However it turned out to be the ‘jewel in the crown’ of the whole Atlow Mill Experience. Something in me ‘shifted’ during those few extra-ordinary days – I became myself and to my amazement I was acceptable – not only to others but to myself as well. It wasn’t a learning curve-it was a learning circle, perfect and complete without a beginning and end. Brilliant!”

“The summer school at the end was invaluable for creating a truly tangible bridge to the outside world, making me realise I can be like this outside of Atlow Mill.”

The summer school really brought all my learning together and made me realise I could do this. The availability of lots of tutors and past participants to support us made the summer school a really valuable experience realising for the first time my skills and how transferable they could be.”