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Providing Emotional Education throughout the UK, we are a registered charity established in 1998, located in the heart of the Derbyshire Dales.
In almost every area of life, we receive education - be it physical, sex, health or academic education; however how much �emotional education� do you receive?


We live in a culture that often binomo com encourages us to suppress emotion and "keep it all together!" unaware of the damage this causes to the individual and society as a whole. Many adults find it difficult to identify and appropriately express emotions to others, which can have detrimental effects on relationships, on achieving your full potential and leading a fulfilled life. 

Our courses will benefit all people (young and old) who recognise that there are things in their life that limit them, as well as those working with people, especially children ref S.E.A.L. They also help those who are simply seeking to better themselves, to be more authentic, creative, genuine and are seeking greater fulfilment from life.

If you want to learn how to overcome the things that beset you then gaining awareness and mastery of emotions is crucial. Our courses will help all those who seek to develop self-awareness and who want to take responsibility for their lives, their learning and their personal growth.

The benefits are significant, for you personally, as well as at home, at work and for the wider society in which we all live.

Atlow Mill Centre for Emotional Education: 
  • Specialist providers of consumer courses and bespoke publicly funded programmes
  • Learning and Skills Council (LSC) approved supplier
  • Train to Gain 'Leadership Development' training provider 
  • National finalist Learndirect "Learning Through Work Award" 2007.
 We provide bespoke courses, introductory courses and residential consumer courses; through to CPD at level 6 and Post Graduate Certificate at level 7 (60 CATs points).  Please call to dicuss which course is best for you, or how we may be able to help, on 01335 370494

Emotional Education is about what is binomo acquiring the emotional skills, tools and knowledge to enable people to live life effectively and achieve their full potential, both on a personal level and in the work place.  Emotional Education is the term we use to describe the learning process which encompasses emotional literacy and emotional intelligence.  
 � Without Emotional Education: Feelings � Thinking = Reactive Behaviour (often detrimental) 
 � With Emotional Education: Feelings + Thinking = Considered Choice


�Lack of Emotional Literacy affects intellectual performance, communication and social skills, not only in children and young adults, but also in management, staff teams and business organisations� Daniel Goleman



Atlow Mill Centre offer unique opportunities for emotional learning as:


Specialist providers of courses and bespoke training programmes in emotional education leading to the enhancement of personal and social competencies in applied emotional intelligence. Offering levels of emotional education to suit your requirement.


These transferable skills are particularly valuable to organisations working to support the ongoing development of people, including their own employees.  


UK pioneers and leaders in the training and development of emotionally educated facilitators, being the first to develop a university accredited qualification in the field of emotional education in 2002 in partnership with the University of Derby.


Proven experts in challenging and changing the behaviour of young people, disadvantaged groups, the disaffected and those who suffer from social exclusion. binomo trading app
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